Why Donate? 

According to UNICEF 42% of the Kenyan population live below the poverty line. The Nyanza Province, of which Homa Bay is part, has a total population of 5.4 million of which 2.4 million are living in rural poverty as noted by the World Bank. Furthermore there are a quarter of a million people living in poverty within urban areas in Nyanza. Due to these statistics we believe the Homa Bay District is an ideal location to combat poverty. Geno has established strong relationships with local villagers in Homa Bay therefore enabling an international collaboration between Kenyan and European volunteers.

Only 26.1% of the Kenyan population have completed secondary school

Although primary school education is free in Kenya, students are required to pay a fee to attend secondary school. As a result only 26.1% of the Kenyan population had completed secondary school in 2005/06 according to a report produced by the World Bank.

Education is one of the goals of the UN millennium project as basic education is a key factor in abolishing absolute poverty. Therefore it is believed providing the students of Homa Bay with an opportunity to achieve their academic potential will benefit the Homa Bay community as a whole and help reduce poverty in the long run.

All donations to Geno go towards scholarships 

Geno can guarantee any donation provided by an outside party goes fully to providing scholarships as all administration expenses are borne by the Trustees. Geno aims to maintain low administration expenses. The trustees are so committed to the project that they are not only volunteering their time and effort but are also contributing financially. We at Geno believe we are truly benefiting the communities within Homa Bay through our efforts. Our direct contact with key figures within the Osika community enables us to determine what is needed most by the community. Therefore we are able to act quickly and efficiently when a child requires assistance. 

Help a child attend secondary school or Univeristy 

Therefore if you decide to donate to the Geno project we can guarantee that the full amount will be helping a child attend secondary school or state University and therefore improve their standard of living in the long run. If you require more information please contact us here. Otherwise you can donate here.