Geno’s Vision

A bridge between people that gives children from Homa Bay County the opportunity to fulfill their academic ambitions and enable everyone to share in the success and joy that emanates from their achievements.”

It is our vision that every child from Homa Bay will be able to attend a primary school which offers an outstanding education and good facilities, receives the opportunity to attend a recognised secondary school and is able to attend university if desired.

We aim to achieve this vision by adhering to the following values:

  • Connected Collaboration – continues teamwork between Kenyan & European Volunteers as well as the students

  • Equal Opportunity – for all students regardless of tribe, religion or sex

  • Supportive – of all our students and their ambitions

  • Strict – we follow strict guidelines and procedures to achieve maximum impact

  • Simplicity – we guarantee all donations received from an outside party go towards scholarships, nothing else

  • Focus – our focus is on helping African children through education and achieving our strategic goals

  • Adventurous  – we are open to new approaches and encourage ideas and creativity between Kenyans & Europeans

  • Trust – between our donors, the Geno Team and the student